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What you need to know about nutrition

There is an ever-increasing body of evidence showing how healthy lifestyle and food choices can reduce the risk of cancer. Cancer develops over time due to multiple factors, some of which include diet. Lots of lifestyle interventions can literally alter the internal environment of the human body so that it’s more hostile to the development and growth of cancer cells, while greatly supporting the function, renewal and intelligence of healthy cells.

In short, food (or fuel) quality has a powerful impact on how well your body mends and recovers from the stresses and strains of daily life, including medications and treatment protocols. The right foods will help your body’s self-healing processes to work better.

The simple guidelines included here are designed to help improve your health outcomes. Think of it like a daily ritual to support your healthy cells and repair processes. Don’t feel you have to make lots of radical changes overnight, one change a day, or even one a week, will make a world of difference over the course of a year.


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