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Eat ‘real’ foods for breakfast

There is no such thing as ‘breakfast foods’, except for those that the food manufacturers have convinced us we should be eating for breakfast.

Rather than cereals, toast and jam, pastries or pop tarts, all of which are highly processed, nutrient poor options, try having more whole-food and protein-rich options like these foods to start the day:

  • Omelettes
  • Hard boiled eggs and avocados dressed with olive oil
  • Organic natural yoghurt with berries and seeds
  • Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cooked tomatoes

If you do want a cereal-type breakfast, choose whole (jumbo) oats, soak them overnight in water and then eat cooked or raw with the addition of a little fruit, cinnamon, nuts and seeds and some organic live yoghurt.

Top tip: If you’re avoiding dairy, live coconut yoghurt is a great option.


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