partnering with the satcc

Oncio offers the first free, integrative oncology app, created by physicians with lived experience of cancer care and providing practical and interactive resources for those following a cancer diagnosis.

Information alone is not enough for people affected by cancer, which is why Oncio CIC, Dr. Nina Fuller-Shavel - an integrative medicine physician with lived experience of breast cancer, and Dr Penny Kechagioglou - a consultant clinical oncologist, co-founded the Oncio app. 

Their carefully selected advisory board includes well-respected healthcare professionals, as well as input from medicine (including oncology, surgery, nursing, dietetics, nutrition and psychology) and other professions, spanning the private healthcare, NHS and charity sectors.

In creating the app, the aim was to provide high quality support for people with cancer, as well as their carers and healthcare professionals, by providing information on best clinical practice and research in integrative oncology. 


However, information alone is not enough for people affected by cancer. Therefore, it is also intended to empower the individual to put integrative oncology tools and strategies into action. It is designed to be used at any point in the cancer care pathway, from diagnosis through active treatment and survivorship to living well with cancer.

Content and functionality has been, and will continue to be, co-developed with a community of people impacted by cancer through lived experience or carer roles. It is an evidence-based toolkit that is practical and easy to use, cutting through the noise of conflicting information to deliver quality and relevant knowledge.