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Eat the rainbow, add some more colour

Colourful fruit and vegetables are a powerhouse of goodness – try to bring as many as you can into your day using these top tips.

The rule of three

Aim to have at least three brightly coloured vegetables, salad ingredients or low sugar fruits with every meal, including breakfast. For example, berries, citrus fruits, kiwis and green apples.

Shopping spree

Aim to buy a new vegetable or salad ingredient every time you shop as the wider the range of fresh produce you eat, the wider the range of nutrients and antioxidants (protective plant compounds) you get.

Experiment with salad

Experiment with a range of salad vegetables, such as watercress, rocket, cos lettuce (especially the white root), radishes, raw beetroot (grated or finely sliced), tomatoes, cucumber and mustard cress.

Top tip:
Some vegetables, especially the brassica family, release their nutrients better if they’re slightly cooked rather than eaten raw.

“Antioxidants are a large and varied group of plant chemicals that, in many cases, have been shown to offer cancer protection.”


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