partnering with the satcc

Created by Abi Selby (an Advisory Board member of the SATCC), is a spa experience booking company working with more than 500 spas around the world and arranging spa days and breaks for up to 16,000 people each week.  

The founding principle of was to make spa experiences more accessible to anybody and everybody who wanted to go.  They wanted to bring back the ancient purpose of spas as places of sanctuary for mind and body. 

They know there isn’t just one kind of spa experience; there are hundreds, and they wanted to showcase the variety of spa experiences available to every individual, occasion, location and preference. So they work closely with spas to create the packages that showcase the best they have to offer.  They then market them dynamically and effectively, constantly evaluating bookings and customer feedback.




In 2012 they got a phone call from a customer in tears.  Her daughter had bought her a spa day, but when she arrived at her destination and filled in her consultation form, she ticked ‘yes’ in the little box asking if she had cancer. The therapist unceremoniously sent her away, telling her they couldn’t treat her.

It is true that guests being treated for cancer need to be looked after with extra care. However, it was the lack of specialist training and understanding that led to situations like this in the past.  So they decided they wanted to make a difference.

Since then, Abi and the team at have worked with industry leaders, including those involved with the SATCC, to open up the spa industry for anyone touched by cancer. Through education, training and awareness, they have sought to make sure that anyone who previously felt marginalised from spa experiences would never feel that way again.

Today, is proud to support the important work of the SATCC by providing an easy-to-use booking platform for those seeking all spa experiences, including those with SATCC-approved qualifications to support anyone following a cancer diagnosis.