What the SATCC does for businesses and professionals

Four things have historically stood between wellness practitioners and their ability to deliver touch treatments to cancer patients: fear, awareness, training and insurance.

Four things have historically stood between wellness practitioners and their ability to deliver touch treatments to cancer patients: fear, awareness, training and insurance.


Over the last 20 years, many individuals and organisations have worked hard to change that, creating incredible training programmes, dispelling myths and working with specialist insurers to make sure therapists and practitioners can practise oncology touch treatments safely and with confidence.

However, to date, all these people have operated independently, with no uniting authority to set an equal standard that businesses and clients can trust.

That is the purpose of the Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care (SATCC).

We are a registered charity established to set the standard in holistic oncology care and services. As a non-profit organisation we operate without sponsorship or bias. This is not a place for professional competition, but one of collaboration and leadership with the NHS, private individuals and therapists.

We are dedicated to bringing the wellness industry together to make sure destinations, practitioners and their clients experience the best standards of care and support at every stage of their cancer journey.

The four ways we support your business

"We must dispel the myths that somehow massage spreads cancer – there is simply no evidence for this assertion."

Professor Karol Sikora
Founding Dean & Chief Medical Officer of the medical school at Buckingham University

How wellness businesses benefit from oncology training

One in two people now experience cancer at some point in their lifetime, making the provision of care in wellness environments an ethical imperative as well as a rational business choice.

Having to turn someone away from a wellness experience because of a cancer diagnosis has been universally traumatic both for practitioners as well as clients, but with the right support that no longer needs to happen. It is also not inconceivable that the inability to provide support to a large protected group could prove problematic for businesses in the future, as the Equality Act considers a diagnosis of cancer as a disability.

Furthermore, we as an industry are in an incredible position to provide nurturing and beneficial support to people when they need it the most. As a caring sector, we all know the power of holistic support for all stages of wellness, and to provide that with integrity and confidence is the essential next step for all spa and wellness organisations.



What SATCC approval means

The SATCC is dedicated to setting the gold standard for oncology in the spa and wellness industry, bringing training providers together to make sure we’re delivering the best possible support to one another and to our clients.

By gaining SATCC approval you join a community of industry experts who are setting the standard for oncology touch treatments and receive a hallmark of approval that both your clients and theirs can trust.


"Going for a spa treatment was my sanctuary. A place where I could feel normal. The power of touch is underestimated especially when people are undergoing treatment. Just that hour to be calm and still in between all the madness of the conveyor belt of cancer treatments and appointments...

D Brown, nurse and breast cancer patient


Oncology training

The training providers registered with, and approved by, the SATCC offer the highest standards of knowledge and learning, enabling therapists and practitioners to treat clients at any stage of their cancer journey with confidence. Depending on your requirements, individuals will learn to adapt treatments for different stages of cancer and a cancer diagnosis, considering treatment types including chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and more.


Oncology accreditation

If you are a training provider, gaining accreditation for your course or curriculum will add credibility that businesses, individuals and their customers can trust in. It ensures you are meeting the standards recommended by industry leaders.

These are the SATCC approved accrediting bodies:

FHT - Federation of Holistic Therapists

BABTAC - The British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology

CMA - The Complementary Medical Association

CIBTAC - The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology

HABIA - The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority

CIDESCO - Comité International d'Esthétique et de Cosmétologie

specialist insurance

Historically, insurance companies have made it very difficult for therapists to be insured to treat a client with cancer.


The varied and individual needs of cancer patients means it takes someone who understands the specifics of cancer care to support practitioners fully. Accredited oncology touch therapy courses feature the protocols and products that allow therapists to get the insurance they need to treat clients safely and with confidence.

Knowing that it can be a confusing and time consuming endeavour to arrange suitable insurance to treat those touched by cancer, we have put together a list of providers who will be able to provide comprehensive insurance cover for your peace of mind.

If you are an SATCC approved destination or individual please get in touch for further information.