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Eat more vitamin D-rich foods

More of a hormone than a vitamin, vitamin D is essential for many functions in the body, including immune regulation and many studies support the view that it may offer cancer protection.

Hard to get enough from food, it is also known as the sunshine vitamin, but in the UK we get very little sun strong enough to generate vitamin D production and there are also negative consequences to too much sun exposure, so this is not an ideal way to get your entire quota of vitamin D.

According to a national survey, nearly half the UK population are vitamin D deficient. Having too little vitamin D can affect mood, bone and muscle health, immune function and according to breastcancer.org, research suggests that women with low levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of breast cancer.

Food sources of vitamin D include:

●      Wild, oily fish such a mackerel and sardines
●      Full fat dairy like butter, cheese and live yoghurt
●      Chicken, lamb or beef liver
●      Egg yolks

Top tip: If you buy mushrooms, let them sit on your windowsill in full day light for 24 hours as this will greatly increase vitamin D levels.


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