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What will my therapist ask me?

Your therapist will want to plan your treatment to focus on you as an individual and how to ensure you benefit from your massage, so they will start by asking you questions, and may ask you if you’re comfortable during your treatment as well. This is important because it ensures that the massage is tailored appropriately and delivered for your comfort and enjoyment. By having this discussion with you, your therapist will be aware of any areas of your body where you may be experiencing discomfort and will adapt the massage to ensure it is gentle and beneficial for you.

In general they will check the following with you:

  • Any treatments and medication you are receiving.
  • Whether you are experiencing any side effects from your cancer treatments.
  • Any skin conditions you may be experiencing.
  • Any lying positions that may suit you best, taking into consideration your treatment.
  • If there is a particular area that may be sensitive to massage, or you feel perhaps should be avoided, then do say.
  • How you are feeling both physically and mentally on the day of your treatment.

SATCC approved therapists will always avoid any sore or uncomfortable areas of your body. Ultimately, they will want to ensure that you receive a truly beneficial experience, so they will ask questions and encourage you to speak up if you have any queries as well.


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