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What happens before and during a massage?

Prior to your treatment, your therapist will guide you to a discrete area, or the treatment room itself, to discuss your current condition and any cancer treatments you are receiving.

  • They will then give you privacy to undress – if you are wearing a wig or a prosthesis, you can decide whether you wish to remove it, but only if you’re comfortable to do so.
  • As with all massages, your therapist will request that you lie on the massage table, or sometimes a massage chair, if it is more appropriate for you on the day of the treatment.
  • Sheets, towels and blankets may be used to ensure your comfort, always taking into consideration your body temperature and the room temperature. Do make sure you are comfortable and say if you’re too warm or too cold.
  • Your therapist will then usually guide you through your treatment – sometimes asking you to move positions as needed.


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