Fusion Massage Training

Fusion Massage take massage techniques and understandings about the body from different modalities around the world and combine them into a flexible and effective remedial technique.


Our Advanced 5-day Diploma is a hands-on course, preceded by a 1-day reading pack, and looks specifically at Oncology work including issues such as how and why cancer spreads, the different stages and types of cancer, the treatments available and the impact of these on the body in terms of possible side effects. We look at wider issues such as skin type and the lymphatic system and how treatments can impact these. We spend a whole day looking at our massage treatments, their timing, length, depth and at contraindications within treatment.

There is the option to take these two days and offer them as a distinct “Massage for Clients with Cancer” course for individuals or spas / clinics as bespoke training for staff development.

Our cancer training courses are only open to existing massage practitioners with at least 1-years’ experience. Training takes place at either Fusion’s premises in Preston, Lancashire or on-site in salons across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

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