Amanda Winwood

Managing Director of Made for Life Organics

Made for Life has been instrumental in opening doors to people with cancer for 20 years. It has been a life changing experience. To date we have trained over 3,500 therapists within spas, salons, colleges, and hospices. This has enabled many women and men living with cancer and other long-term health issues to be able to access beautifully restorative treatments.

We believe that all therapists should be able to deliver and bespoke a spa ritual and converse with anyone living with cancer empathetically and knowledgeably. Our researched, award-winning and fully accredited Advanced training in Cancer Touch Therapy is a three-day training programme which has changed many lives.

Our aim is to ensure that anyone living with cancer is warmly welcomed into a spa. Working with the SATCC, the Made for Life Foundation arranges complementary wellbeing 'Tea and Therapy' days across the UK.