Sue Harmsworth MBE

SATCC Chairman
Founder – ESPA

Sue Harmsworth MBE is an award-winning leader within the spa industry, best known for founding the global brand ESPA in 1993. By the time she had sold the company in 2017, she had pioneered many changes in the industry that we now take for granted.

She has also been responsible for the design of over 500 award-winning spas in 65 countries and has created groundbreaking products, treatments and wellbeing programmes globally. Today, she advises brand owners and private equity on concepts for integrative wellness, medical destinations, advanced aesthetics and skincare.


Why the SATCC?

"During my 45 years within the spa and wellbeing sector, I have seen far too many people living with cancer being turned away from spas. I still travel the world, advising and guiding key wellness projects and continue to witness the inequality that exists in some spas.

I have first-hand experience of this issue, with close friends dealing with cancer, and I have experienced how it affects all of us. My reason for founding the SATCC was to address the issue of the majority of spas turning people away with cancer. It's not acceptable on any level.

The purpose of the SATCC, and my personal aim for the SATCC, is to provide easily accessible, trusted, evidence-based advice and support for anyone living with cancer, and to help those spas who wish it to be inclusive. My vision is to enable the wellness sector to confidently and warmly welcome anyone living with cancer, to improve their lives, and to empower therapists with the training, knowledge and empathy to carry out those treatments.

“If I can bring about this positive change to help those who need it, I will have achieved a key goal in my life.”