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The Menopause Million is on a mission to get the data that's needed to give women the best experiences possible during menopause including medical menopause. It is the largest global research study into menopausal symptoms ever undertaken.

With many women experiencing medical menopause resulting from cancer treatment, as well as going through natural menopause in tandem with oncology care, a clear understanding of its consequences and how we can support women is essential.

Led by wellness industry leader, Jennifer Young, in collaboration with the Global Wellness Institute, the project takes the form of an online questionnaire, seeking information about problems and solutions.

The questionnaire will be completed by one million women from across the globe, collecting the big data needed to improve healthcare outcomes for women experiencing hormonal change.

The Menopause Million is dedicated to having the knowledge that will support women and give them greater autonomy over their treatment. This is the kind of proactive mindset the SATCC believes that wellbeing services need to provide meaningful support.

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The Study

“Our research seeks to support women and the experiences they are having with the aim of improving quality of life during and after menopause. Bringing together big data and clinical expertise, we aim to understand and support women better by enabling more holistic and effective solutions to help women through hormonal change.”


jennifer young
wellness Industry Leader