Stephanie Moore

Clinical Nutritionist, Physical & Mental Health Coach, Author

Stephanie has worked in the natural health field for over 30 years as a self-employed natural health therapist, clinical nutritionist, author and health coach. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Medicine and a Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, plus a long history as a multi-disciplinary physical therapist and fitness coach, she combines all skill sets to help people with many kinds of health issues, both physical and psychological with a prevention-first focus.

Stephanie conducts one-to-one nutritional therapy clinics in Surrey and Online offering a comprehensive assessment of her patients’ health issues to then provide detailed, personalised health protocols. With specialist interest in digestive health and the effect of the gut microbiome on  metabolic, hormonal and mental health conditions, Stephanie works with numerous GPs supporting treatment plans for challenging cases with eating disorders, metabolic chronic disease and cancer, both pre, during and post treatment. Of particular interest is the way in which natural therapies, and nutrition in particular, can be used to support patients through conventional cancer treatments to improve outcomes and reduce side effects.

Stephanie has personal close ties to Penny Brohn, formerly the Bristol Cancer Centre, who support cancer patients with natural therapies and lifestyle interventions for living well with cancer. Stephanie also worked very closely with her late close friend and colleague Carol Pitches, to develop what was to be Carol’s legacy project, the 2020 Pilot of Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk (PIONEER) study, with the Royal Marsden. Stephanie continues to work towards an integrative and mutually respectful relationship between nutritional therapists, registered dieticians and medical oncologists despite facing continued push-back from many in the conventional oncology field.

For 9 years Stephanie was head of nutrition at Grayshott Medical Spa and clinical lead for the 7-day digestive health regime that she co-developed in 2012. Her gut health protocol is the inspiration behind GutGastronomy, a cookbook based on her gut healing philosophy. Since the closing of Grayshott Medical Spa in November 2020, Stephanie has relocated the health programme to Goodwood, where it is now run as a 5 day, fully immersive experience at the Goodwood hotel and spa.

Stephanie contributes to various health publications; is often featured in the media as a health expert; she published her first book in 2017 called ‘Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat!’, which explains why conventional weight loss advice fails and what to do instead to achieve permanent health and weight loss goals. She has also co-authored a book on Super-Foods with doctor of biochemistry and health campaigner, Dr James DiNicolantonio, and following her recent training in Nutritional Neuroscience, has written her soon to be published latest book ‘Eat Your Brain Happy’, which focuses on the critical role of gut health, food, sleep, exercise and other factors known to directly influence the health of the brain.

Stephanie has also recently embarked on a degree in canine nutrition and well-being, bringing together her love of dogs and health.