Abi Selby

Founder of Spabreaks.com

The founding principle of Spabreaks.com was to make spa experiences more accessible to anybody and everybody who wanted to go. Abi wanted to bring back the ancient purpose of spas as places of sanctuary for mind and body.

However, accessibility has also meant challenging outdated and damaging limitations within the spa industry. In particular, she and her team at Spabreaks.com have worked to break down barriers and drive change in the industry approach to treating anyone with or recovering from cancer, or with any other illness or disability.

In March 2023, Abi took on the role as the Chair of the UKSA after being on the board as a member for 4 years. Abi plans to continue the great work started by the Association and build on it with a focus on the sustainability of the workforce in the spa and wellness industry.